Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems


The Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical System is the field proven, ideal optical switch for flexible optical layer management in networks from 1 to 100 Gbps. Network engineers and operators worldwide use the Glimmerglass system to remotely provision, monitor and reconfigure optical paths in real time to greatly improve network availability and reduce OPEX. The Glimmerglass purely optical, photonic system is also employed by customers who need to handle a wide range of optical signal types, or rapidly and remotely select from a number of signals and reconfigure distribution to one or more recipients. Only an optical switch like the Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical System has the flexibility to handle any wavelength, data format or data rate without the expensive and time consuming replacement of electrical line cards. With Glimmerglass, even bundles of DWDM wavelengths can be manipulated as one signal.


For more detail, visit the product pages for the System 100, System 500, and System 600.


Intelligent Optical Systems deliver the following benefits:

Speed - fastest time to actionable information

Agility - instantly reconfiguration; SDN compatible

Flexibility - any protocol, any requirement - including 100 Gbps

Earth with Optical Fiber


Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems provide the industry’s smallest footprint and highest port density, along with extremely low power consumption. Our optical switch hardware requires only 3 ½ to 7 inches of vertical space, handles up to 192 x 192 fibers and uses less electricity than an 85-watt fluorescent light bulb.


Manage Your Physical Layer


Built into each Glimmerglass optical switch is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based graphical user interface called ClickFlow. This custom designed software provides network operators with point-and-click management of optical paths as well as at-a-glance monitoring of optical power levels on all connections. For operators with multiple Glimmerglass optical switches in their network, Glimmerglass Path Manager™ provides centralized event reporting, user management, and alarm recognition. Combined, these two pieces of software give network operators unprecedented visibility and control of their physical layer network.




Glimmerglass ClickFlow software is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based GUI built into each Intelligent Optical System.




• Provides a convenient view of all connections
• Provides at-a-glance, color coded status      indicators for all optical ports and connections
• Displays all hardware and environmental alarms

Glimmerglass ClickFlow



• Provides point-and-click management of single connections
• Provides ability to easily save and load configurations of multiple connections
• Provides quick and simple set up of automatic switching rules for loss of light events
• Provides instant access to system resources like Photonic Multicast Units and Variable Optical Attenuators



Glimmerglass Console™


Glimmerglass Console allows network operators to efficiently monitor and administer multiple Intelligent Optical Systems within their network.


Virtual Private Switch


• Allows user privileges to be assigned on a port-by-port basis
• Prevents multi-use conflict

Multi-Switch Management


• Aggregates events and alarms from multiple systems and allows for centralized logging and acknowledgement
• Manages user privileges and system settings for multiple systems in a single interface


Optical Switch Product Options:

Optical Switch - System 100
Intelligent Optical System 100

Scales from: 16x16 to 96x96


The Intelligent Optical System 100 boasts our smallest form factor, fitting a 96x96 fiber cross-connect into only 2RU. Our powerful software allows you to remotely reconfigure multiple signals in realtime.


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Optical Switch - System 500
Intelligent Optical System 500

Scales from: 32x32 to 192x192


The Intelligent Optical System 500 is specifically designed for maximum flexibility of connector types and Telecom standard chassis depth. The System 500 allows for 192x192 fibers with either MTP or LC connectors. Our advanced user interface makes it easy to view and manage all connections.


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Optical Switch - System 600
Intelligent Optical System 600

Scales from: 32x32 to 192x192


The Intelligent Optical System 600 is designed for locations where vertical rack space is more constrained than depth. The System 600 allows up to 192x192 fibers with MTP connectors. Our advanced graphical user interface makes it easy to share integrated devices such as Photonic Multicast Units for the broadcasting of signals.


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Case Study
 American Flag

A federal integrator with a government customer needed to connect geographically dispersed antenna sites to a central pool of monitoring equipment.

Our Solution

With Glimmerglass managing the reconfiguration of optical signals, the integrator was able to create an RF-over-fiber solution that performed better and cost less than traditional implementations.