At Glimmerglass Cyber Solutions, we revolutionize the way actionable information is derived from optical and electronic signals. Our fast and agile solutions derive results and discover the source in near real time to counter cyber terrorism, cyber crime, and ensure public safety. Glimmerglass serves a global customer base in Cyber Security, Defense, and Telecommunications.  


The Glimmerglass CyberSweep™ is an agile platform for identifying persona from communications networks and performing behavioral and predictive analytics to identify internal and external threats as well as identifying the source from communication networks.


The CyberSweep™ architecture consists of a centrally controlled unified system for producing actionable intelligence from optical and electronic signals. The CyberSweep™ consists of a fully integrated end to end management system, Path Manager, that manages the major stages of the CyberSweep™: Selection, Signal Processing, and Sapience.


CyberSweep a complete Cyber Security Solution - Select, Extract, Analyze

Centralized Control and Visibility


Path Manager - Path Manager, an integral part of CyberSweep, provides a powerful, scalable workflow solution for end-to-end management of the cyber monitoring process and accelerates time to intelligence. Centralized control provides visibility for all elements of the CyberSweep. Path Manager provides full auditability, centralized events and logs, provisioning and configuration, and maintenance control.



Major Stages of CyberSweep™


Selection - Dynamically acquire, select, and distribute optical signals.

The CyberSweep™ Selection stage applies the unique capabilities of the Intelligent Optical System to acquire specific wavelengths from among many and distribute them for analysis and storage. The CyberSweep™ Selection stage acquires, distributes and/or multicasts optical signals to any known destination. The process is fully transparent. Every port of the optical system supports any protocol, format, and data rate, current and future.


Signal Processing –Process optical signals, decipher the signal source, prepare the data

The CyberSweep™ Signal Processing stage processes optical signals, extracts the data source format of unknown signal mappings, and aggregates the data for analysis equipment, such as application probes. In this stage critical meta data is discovered and processed, and prepared for CyberSweep Sapience.


Sapience – Transform data to actionable information

The CyberSweep™ Sapience stage coordinates the application probes to collect, filter, correlate, and report targeted and general results to an Analysis Center. CyberSweep ™ Sapience delivers insights on general network traffic and usage patterns based on metadata to establish normal behavioral patterns. The analytics delivers in-depth information and predictive analysis focused on specific targets. The actionable information used for the analysis can be recorded for re-analysis at a later date or for long term storage as required by law.



 CyberSweep Highlights


  • Highly scalable analytical system
  • Instant threat insight                                                                           
  • Open architecture


Fully Integrated Platform

  • Seamlessly integrate and centrally manage diverse network elements in CyberSweep
  • Rapidly detect, diagnose, and resolve CyberSweep network element issues
  • Centrally administer user privileges and security policies


Dynamic Centralized Control

  • Dynamically select and control any and all signals of interest
  • Automatically discover, classify, and extract signal source format
  • Dynamically set targets with multiple identities


Transparent Signal Access and Modular Architecture

  • Future-proof signal access with protocol, data-rate, and data-format transparency
  • Automatically discover, classify, and extract signal source format
  • Optimize CAPEX with a modular, scalable, and multi-use architecture