Video Switcher

Glimmerglass Optical Switchers provide solutions that revolutionize the way that video studios, stadiums, arenas and networks manage their video signals at the optical layer. Video studios, arenas, stadiums and networks can use Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Switchers to minimize lifetime CAPEX, reduce ongoing OPEX, improve flexibility and availability, and manage high-value, high-speed video traffic. Our sophisticated switcher systems enable a dynamic optical layer that could make physical topology changes without disrupting video traffic – the ideal solution for facilitating large video equipment networks and managing high-bandwidth video content networks.

Video Studio 

Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Switchers enable video studio staff to scale performance and add or change video equipment on demand to support growing video broadband requirements. Our systems combine reliable and future-proof hardware with intuitive management software to create a dynamic optical layer for your studio environment.

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Stadiums & Arenas

Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Switchers enable optical-layer connections between the cameras and the receivers and displays to be re-provisioned in milliseconds from the Video Network Operations Center, improving network availability and reducing operational costs.

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Video Network

By adding flexibility and intelligence to a video network’s physical layer and pushing optical-electrical conversion further to the cameras and receivers, Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems enable video networks to leverage all the advantages of purely optical, photonic signal management.

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