Stadiums & Arenas

Stadiums and arenas utilize Glimmerglass solutions to automate video equipment and network configurations, resulting in faster connections and reconfigurations while reducing OPEX.  Glimmerglass Switcher solutions have been deployed by stadiums and arenas to dramatically reduce lifetime equipment CAPEX, network management OPEX, while increasing network availability and providing investment protection.

The Challenge

Stadiums and arenas require a flexible, easy to use, method of connecting video cameras with receivers and displays. They must accomplish this equipment from many different event producers. Stadiums and arenas are looking for ways to provide management and displays, while managing different producers technology, reducing total cost of ownership of their studio and ensuring profitability.

The Solution

Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Switchers create a dynamic physical layer to help address ever changing equipment in a stadium or arena. By adding flexibility and intelligence to a studios physical layer and pushing optical-electrical conversion further to the camera and receivers, Glimmerglass leverages all the advantages of purely optical, photonic signal management. Video paths can evolve from 4K to 8K to 16K without the need for a switching fabric upgrade. In addition, CWDM and DWDM bundles in transport can be redirected on one fiber, and wavelength management at network nodes can be carried out without the complexity of wavelength hardware compatibility. With Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Switchers, any signal traveling over fiber can be redirected in milliseconds, without adversely affecting video traffic.

Advantages Glimmerglass brings to Stadiums and Arenas:

  • A Flexible Optical Stadium or Arena:  Glimmerglass technology reconfigures optical paths regardless of the signal rate or protocol. Any given port can carry any given single-mode signal without the need for a hardware or software upgrade.
  • Optical Transparency:  Glimmerglass systems preserve all key aspects of the source signal, including frequency, wave form, signal dispersion, signal timing and more.
  • Rapid, Remote Reconfiguration:  Reconfigure the optical video layer of your stadium or arena from anywhere, in seconds rather than hours or days.
  • Software Designed Specifically for Video: With Virtual Private Switch, an administrator can set user access on a per-port basis to prevent user conflicts within the stadium or arena.
  • Increase Efficiency and Lower Capital Expense:   Make better use of equipment by sharing pooled resources across the stadium or arena. An intelligent video infrastructure leads to a decreased Cost of Production.