Equipment Test Automation

Data Network Equipment and Telecom Service Provider labs utilize Glimmerglass solutions to automate equipment and network system testing, resulting in faster, more complete testing while reducing OPEX

The Challenge

Data Network Equipment Manufacturers and their customers, such as Telecommunication Service Providers, are constantly testing new equipment, upgraded equipment and new software.  For Data Network Equipment Manufacturers, they need to test and verify the performance of their new as well as upgraded equipment before it is released for manufacturing and distribution to customers. 

Data Equipment customers, such as Telecommunications Service Providers, Data Center Operators, Content Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers and Internet Peering Exchanges, need to verify the operation of the new equipment, not only against specifications, but also in real world network configurations with other types of equipment.

The Solution

Glimmerglass solutions enable both Data Network Equipment Manufacturers and End Users to automate the testing process.  Now the scenarios for testing of new equipment can be programmed.  Thousands of test cases can be run, where in the past, test cases were limited to just verifying specifications.

By automating equipment testing, more complete, interactive testing can be completed while reducing the time to test and the OPEX associated with these tests.

Advantages Glimmerglass brings to Test Lab Automation customers:

  • Rapid, Remote Reconfiguration. Reconfigure the optical layer of your test bed from anywhere, inside or outside of the lab, in seconds to spend less time setting up and more time testing.
  • Software Designed Specifically for Test. With Virtual Private Switch, an administrator can set user access on a per-port basis to prevent user conflicts within the lab.
  • Increase Efficiency and Lower Capital Expense. Make better use of equipment by sharing pooled resources across the test lab. An intelligent test infrastructure leads to a decreased Cost of Test.
  • Automated Test. With Glimmerglass, optical layer changes can be automated for overnight testing.
  • Simulate Live Traffic Scenarios on a Field-Proven System. Glimmerglass systems are the only pure photonic cross-connects to be deployed by service providers in live customer traffic environments, making them ideal for customer network simulations.
  • A Flexible Optical Test Bed. Glimmerglass technology reconfigures optical paths regardless of the signal rate or protocol. Any given port can carry any given single-mode signal without the need for a hardware or software upgrade.
  • Optical Transparency. Glimmerglass systems preserve all key aspects of the source signal, including frequency, wave form, signal dispersion, signal timing and more.

Case Study

The Swisscom lab had to figure out how to accelerate testing schedules ahead of the Optical Wavelength Network launch and its follow-on updates.


Our Solution
Using Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems to configure the optical layer of the test bed has greatly reduced set up times and port cleaning costs. Moreover, the switching fabric is already prepared to configure tests of 40G and 100G equipment.