Glimmerglass Path Manager™

An optical layer management system that enables dynamic control of pure optical paths  

Path Manager™ performs dynamic control and management of transparent optical paths in a wide-area network. Path Manager enhances network management by unifying management and operation under fully integrated management software. Path Manager dramatically simplifies operations and maintenance resulting in reduction of OPEX, increase in productivity, savings in CAPEX through resource sharing, and minimization of latency in the intelligence process.

Operation Highlights

Unified Monitoring -  Centralized alarms, events, and audit logs can be viewed through a single GUI for multiple Intelligent Optical Systems (IOS). A comprehensive status of each IOS is displayed at a glance.

Centralized Provisioning, Administration, Maintenance – Through a common and consistent interface, the elements can be provisioned, configured, administered, and maintained from a central location. Routine tasks such as configuration backup and restore and software upgrade can be scheduled.

Resource sharing of Intelligent Optical Systems – The System Partitioning feature enables virtualization of Intelligent Optical Systems. The controllability and visibility of the ports of Systems can be partitioned based on user privilege.

Dynamic Path Provisioning

In a typical physical layer network it can take hours or days to plan and execute the creation of an end-to-end path. Path Manager is able to perform the same function with greater accuracy in just a few seconds. To create a path, the operator only needs to choose a source input and destination output(s). Path Manager automatically…

- Discovers available physical layer assets
- Verifies path viability
- Creates connections to form the path
- Tracks the usage of assets
- Records the activity and user information to audit logs

A robust tool-set helps operators monitor the health of existing paths, track the impact of network events on path structure, and re-plan path routing in advance of maintenance activity.

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Plan and Create Optical Paths

Monitor Path Status

Audit User Activity

Manage Network Assets

Key Features

    • Rapid and remote discovery and provisioning for end-to-end optical paths
    • Real-time monitoring of path status
    • Tracking and auditing of user activities
    • Group-policy based user administration capabilities