Intelligent Optical System 500

Flexible: SDN and 100Gbps compatible
Scales from: 32x32 to 192x192
Overview: The Intelligent Optical System 500 is specifically designed for maximum flexibility of connector types and Telecom standard chassis depth. The System 500 allows for 192x192 fibers with either MTP or LC connectors. Our advanced user interface makes it easy to view and manage all connections.
Photonic, Purely Optical Cross-Connect
  • Handles all traffic data rates: 10GE up to OC-768 and 100GE
  • Transparently accepts all signal formats: SONET/SDH, Ethernet,  DWDM, digital, or analog
  • Single-mode, wideband (1270 nm - 1630 nm)
  • 20 Millisecond switching
  • Compact, low-power, high-density
Fast Installation, Easy to Program and Use
  • ClickFlow™ - built-in user-friendly web interface
  • Topology templates to instantly reconfigure connections
  • TL1 command-line interface
Available Features
  • Optical power monitoring on all fibers in real-time
  • Alarm triggers and configurable optical power thresholds
  • Automatic protection switching
  • Connect point to multipoint via photonic multicasting
  • Control optical power with Variable Optical Attenuation (VOA)
  • Enhanced user management with Virtual Private Switch
  • Multi-switch management from single station
Outstanding Reliability and Performance
  • Fast reliable switching: billions of switched connections tested
  • Insertion loss below 2dB
  • Power consumption: <85W
  • Choice of redundant, hot-swappable AC power or Dual -48V DC   power
Case Study
AMS-IX needed to manage rapid traffic growth at its data centers while at the same time offer a high-bandwidth service for its customers.
Our Solution
Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems enabled a dynamic optical layer that could make physical topology changes without disrupting customer traffic – the ideal solution for facilitating network upgrades and managing high-bandwidth customer traffic.