Management Team

Chusak Siripocanont: CEO

Chusak joined Glimmerglass in 2005 to facilitate the company turn-around and recruit a new team of engineers and operations professionals. Prior, Chusak was SVP of Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality at Omnicell. Earlier, he was VP of Operations at Opthos. Earlier he held management positions at ADC Telecom, Centigram, E-mu Systems, Octel and Rolm/IBM. Education: BSIE from Khon Kaen University in Thailand, and an MS and MBA from San Jose State University.

Kelvin Chau: CTO

Kelvin joined Glimmerglass in 2007 to lead Optical/MEMS applications and manufacturing cost reduction. He is a frequent contributor to government and commercial technology programs in optoelectronics, optical networking, robotics, and optical sensing; Recipient of various US Patents, author of many technical publications and government Research Initiatives. He held key positions at Litton Applied Technology, Optivision, ONI System (Ciena), Opthos, ONIX and IFOS.  Education: BS in Engineering Physics/Optics from UC San Diego, and MSEE from San Jose State University.

Jennifer Gage: Vice President of Operations

Jennifer joined Glimmerglass in 2004 to create and lead the department of operations. Jennifer started her career at Unisys, holding management positions in Production and F&A. Experience includes Quality Assurance Manager for Discreet, a division of Autodesk, and Director of Operations at Radius and Digital Origin.  Education: MBA Carnegie-Mellon University, and BA from Wellesley College.

Jim Donnelly: Vice President, Sales

Jim joined Glimmerglass in 2007 to drive the transition from systems sales to telecom carriers and national security agencies. After beginning his enterprise sales career at IBM, Jim spent 17 years at AT&T in operations, product management and enterprise sales management, including Area Vice President Sales. Formerly, SVP of Sales and Service at Centigram. Education: BSEE from Carnegie-Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Alice Kung: Senior Director, Asia Business Development

Alice joined Glimmerglass in 2007 to drive sales and direct marketing strategies in Asia. Prior, Alice held similar sales and marketing positions at Latitude Communications (acquired by Cisco Systems), Visioneer, RAMP Networks, Truevision, IXOS Software, Apple Computers in Asia and ROLM/IBM. Education: MBA from Harvard Business School and BA in Economics from Stanford University.