Management Software

Glimmerglass provides a comprehensive suite of software tools for the setup, management and monitoring of its products. All systems support both SNMP and a Command Line Interface which can be easily integrated into existing network management systems.

Software Release 8 for IOS Now Available!

• Alarm and Event Notification
• System Provisioning and Maintenance

Path Manager™

Path Manager™, the Glimmerglass Element Management System (EMS) provides centralized control and monitoring of all Intelligent Optical Systems in its management domain.

Path Manager™ centrally and securely provides Telecom Operators with monitoring of centralized alarms and logs, fast and easy configuration and provisioning of circuits, secure user access control and support of centralized maintenance capabilities including system backup, restore and software upgrade.

Key Features and Functions

• Centralized:
--Alarms and Events
--Configuration and Provisioning
--Connection and Switch Configuration
--System Administration and Maintenance
--User Audit and Security Access Logs
-- System Backup and Restore
-- System Software Upgrades
• Group-based User Administration
• Single GUI / single login
• System grouping which enables managing multiple systems as one unit
• API for easy integration with third party software
The Glimmerglass ClickFlow GUI enables the management of individual IOS systems. An easy-to-use browser interface supports secure, authenticated management of optical switch, fiber connections, device configurations, topologies, events, alarms, and system reports. It provides real-time status reports of all ports and connections, as well as general information about the system and configuration.
Manage Remotely
• Robust browser-based Graphical User Interface
• Supports SNMPv3 and Command-Line (TL1)
• System configuration, management,and logging of events
• Secure communications using Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL)
• Set user privileges on a port-by-port basis
Control the Optical Layer
• Create optical paths via an intuitive,point-and-click GUI
• View and set rules and parameters for automatic switching on loss of light
• Easily configure and connect to shared system resources such as Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA) and Photonic Multicast Units
Monitor Devices with Ease
• At-a-glance status of each port
• Set power thresholds for color-coded, at-a-glance monitoring of power level on each connection
• Generate reports with granularity up to one second
• Name connections as well as ports for reference and logging
Case Study
AMS-IX needed to manage rapid traffic growth at its data centers while at the same time offer a high-bandwidth service for its customers.
Our Solution
Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems enabled a dynamic optical layer that could make physical topology changes without disrupting customer traffic – the ideal solution for facilitating network upgrades and managing high-bandwidth customer traffic.