Internet Peering Exchange

Europe’s largest Internet exchange, AMS-IX, relies on Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems in the heart of its hybrid IP/switched network to create optical paths on demand and to monitor and reconfigure all high-speed links.

The Challenge

An Internet Exchange is a meeting point for independent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) enabling them to exchange Internet traffic with each other, nationally and internationally. This exchange of traffic is known as “peering.” Network reliability at Internet Exchanges is of extreme importance. In addition, rapid growth of the Internet has resulted in Internet Exchanges seeing traffic double every year. This places a severe strain on both network architecture and planning.

The Solution

Glimmerglass optical switching solutions greatly improve network reliability and provide the flexibility to handle high growth.

Glimmerglass switches provide a full non-blocking, transparent cross connect. In milliseconds a lightpath can be provisioned between any fiber input and output. The distribution of external feeds to network nodes can be rapidly and remotely reconfigured with a few clicks of a mouse using the Glimmerglass ClickFlow GUI interface or with a few TL1 commands. Since the lightpaths are fully transparent, the newly created lightpath will transport any data format and speed.

Continuous input and output power monitoring, combined with transparent switching, provides the Data Network operator with a superior tool for monitoring the health of the network and rapid fault isolation. In the event that the optical power monitoring detects a fault, the network manager can quickly reconfigure and restore service. If the fault is more serious, loopback paths may be created in milliseconds to help isolate the fault to a particular piece of equipment. All of this can be performed remotely with no on-site intervention required.

With the ability to rapidly transfer massive data streams from one set of lightpaths to another, Glimmerglass switches are the ideal solution for providing reliable external connectivity. Glimmerglass switches can rapidly reconfigure a backup service to replace any failed external link. In addition, in the event of an equipment failure, or other disruption, Glimmerglass switches can reroute all of the effected traffic to alternate network locations.

High Density, Low Profile
Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems have the highest fiber density in the industry. Up to 192 fibers (96 x 96) are supported in just two rack units (3.5” or 8.9cm) and up to 384 fibers (192 x 192) in 4 rack units. Weighing only 20 to 38 pounds (9 to 17kg), power consumption ranges from 50 to 85 watts and requires no special cooling.

Future Proof
Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems are fully transparent crossconnects. Once installed, the Data Center is ready for any future data rate or format. No changes are required to migrate from GE to 10GE to 100GE or even 40G SONET/SDH. Upgrade the endpoints, not the switching fabric. In addition, as non-blocking crossconnects, Glimmerglass solutions facilitate the introduction of new server equipment and future migrations to new architectures.