Our Mission

Glimmerglass is the leading supplier of SDN enabled Intelligent Optical Switching and Optical Network Management solutions. Our purely optical, photonic switching systems enable telecom service providers, government data networks, enterprise data centers, video studios and arenas, and data network equipment labs worldwide to rapidly and remotely create, monitor, reconfigure and protect optical paths in their networks. Using Glimmerglass systems, customers minimize lifetime CAPEX, reduce ongoing OPEX, provide faster service provisioning, increase automation, and increase network availability.


Markets and Applications

Customers include telecommunications service providers, internet exchanges, national defense agencies, enterprises networks and data centers, video studios, arenas and stadiums, and labs for data network equipment manufactures and telecommunications service providers.

Telecom Central Offices / POPsGlimmerglass solutions have been deployed by telecom service providers to dramatically reduce OPEX, Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), and SLA penalties while increasing network availability and providing investment protection.
Undersea Cable Landing SitesGlimmerglass solutions have been deployed to remotely provision, protect and monitor all wavelengths at the juncture of the undersea cable and the land-based fiber plant.
Internet Peering ExchangesEurope’s largest Internet exchange, AMS-IX, relies on Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Systems in the heart of its hybrid IP/switched network to create optical paths on demand and to monitor and reconfigure all high-speed links.
National DefenseGlimmerglass solutions are deployed in data networks and data centers to  provide flexible optical signal distribution capabilities for the collection, processing, and dissemination of information.
Enterprise Data NetworksGlimmerglass solutions are deployed to greatly improve data network reliability and provide the flexibility to seamlessly handle high growth.
Video SwitcherVideo Studios, Arenas, Stadiums and Networks utilize the Glimmerglass Optical Switcher to minimize lifetime CAPEX, reduce ongoing OPEX, handle 4K, 8K and 16K signals, and quickly and easily reconfigure video networks.
Lab AutomationData Network Equipment and Telecom Service Provider labs utilized Glimmerglass solutions to automate equipment and network system testing, resulting in faster, more complete testing while reducing OPEX

Management Team

Seasoned telecommunications and national security executives and a rich mix of technical talent consisting of experts in software network management, embedded software, optical technology.  See our management team.


Glimmerglass was founded in 2000.  The company is a world leader in high performance signal processing, optical signal switching and selection and fully integrated network and systems management.  The company has been awarded 41 patents in 12 countries.   Glimmerglass is headquartered in Hayward, California.  Sales offices are located in regions worldwide.